The E-Z Reacher®

The E-Z Reacher®

Safely pick up anything you don't want to handle or just can't reach. Avoid dismounting from your riding mower or sweeper to nab litter. Pick up objects as small as a dime, or as heavy as a 5-pound brick from your golf cart. That's what you'll be able to do - that and more - with our E-Z Reacher® grabbing tool, the best and most versatile reacher on the market.

The E-Z Reacher® is standard equipment for sanitation workers, homeowners, clean-up teams, gardeners, livestock handlers, grounds maintenance crews, and hospital cleaning personnel, and it makes a great gift for seniors as well.




The Litter Pouch

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Safe T Plus Steering Controls
Strobe Lights
Caution: Wide Turn
Personal Strobe Light
LZ kit


Physical Mobile Radio Security
Radio Cage
Slide Lock
King Pin Lock
Pintle Hitch Lock
Skid Lock
Aerial Work Platform
Control Module Security Lock


Non Contact Thermometer
Universal Preheaters
Professional Debris Picker
EZ Reacher®

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