Landing Zone / Scene Safety Kit

For defining Temporary LZs for Emergency Helicopters

Our Landing Zone Kit provides all you need to quickly and easily deploy an LZ with minimal manpower.

Four lights are placed to outline the landing zone and the fifth indicates wind direction. Each high-intensity light provides 3 hours of continuous and up to 5 hours of intermittent use.

portable landing zone kit

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Each triangular-shaped light is about 3.25 inches per side and about 1.5 inches high with a power (on-off) switch at the back. With the steel Weightwasher attached, height increases to 1.75 inches and the assembly occupies a 4 inch diameter area. The kit weighs slightly over 5 lb. in the carry case (Cordura double stitched fabric, 1000 denier): 11.5" X 8.25" X 4.5". Each strobe is powered by 2 AA batteries.

The LZ Kit includes:

65000 LZKIT

Temporary Landing Zone kit, featuring the LightMan strobe products

$249.95 USD


portable landing zone kit


The success of emergency helicopter missions can be compromised if the temporary landing zone is not properly marked.


The LZ kit can be used for a variety of purposes besides providing an excellent landing zone solution:

About the LightMan Strobe light:

Xenon Flash Tube

Brilliant strobe can be seen up to 3 miles from the air at night. 83 flashes/minute. 800,000 candlepower.


Operates for 3-7 hours on 2 AA batteries.


3-1/2 inches each triangular side. Weighs 3-1/2 ounces including batteries.

Impact & Weather resistant

Rugged construction that is reliable in extreme weather conditions. Operates from -40 degrees F with Lithium batteries.


No danger of fire or spark.

Multi Purpose

Easily attaches to belt, clothing, vehicle, traffic cone, reflective triangle, bicycle, backpack, guardrails...
Motorists, Police, Fire and EMS, Truck Drivers, Towing, Bicycling, Walking, Jogging, Camping, Boating...

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