Skid Lock

Anti-theft device for skid steer loaders

The Skid Lock provides an effective deterrent to theft and restricts operation of the machine to authorized persons. 

The Skid Lock locks the boom arms and bucket in the full up position,  preventing the machine from being operated, and discouraging theft.  If you have ever tried to manuever a Skid Steer loader with the boom and bucket in the full up position, you know what we're talking about!

Did you know that most tire damage on job sites is due to unauthorized equipment usage?

The Skid Lock locks the safety strut to the boom hydraulic cylinder.  When not in use it locks the safety strut in storage.  This ensures that the Skid Lock remains with the equipment at all times.

The Skid Lock is constructed of case hardened and stainless steel with stainless steel lock tumblers.  The Skid Lock is available keyed alike or keyed differently.

Skid Lock

Skid Lock

Anti-theft device for skid steer loaders

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