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Slide Lock for Mobile Radios

Protect your radio for only $99.95 $65.00 USD - Limited Time Offer

Slide Lock

E TIP Model ET-850 Security for Fleet Communications

The ET-850 Locking Slide Mount provides convenience, ease of use and security in a black, powder-coat finish that is attractive in a luxury vehicle and yet rugged for use in a working vehicle.

The ET-850 is a basic platform designed to accept many different makes and models of mobile 2 ways. Transfers of different radios across the fleet are accommodated easily and quickly. Technicians report saving labor with the ET-850 in radio transfers and putting an end to blind fumbling to reach hidden fasteners. Fleet Communications Managers appreciate the improved efficiency of the ET-850 or Slide Lock.

A simple solution to cut job costs by improving efficiency is to mount mobile radios with the E TIP model ET-850 Locking Slide Mount or Slide Lock. The mobile radio is mounted to the Locking Slide Mount tray, once, when it is first installed. Thereafter, no more fumbling blindly with screws! To service the radio, simply unlock the mount and slide the radio out.

The ET-850 Locking Slide Mount also makes it easy to move different makes of radio from vehicle to vehicle throughout the fleet because it provides a standard mounting base.

Once a radio is mounted into the Locking Slide Mount tray it will easily fit into all the ET-850 Locking Slide Mount base mounts in the fleet. If the locking feature is not needed, simply leave the Locking Slide Mount tray unlocked because the lock cylinder design allows key removal in both the locked and the unlocked position.

The locking feature discourages radio theft, unauthorized removal and tampering as well. Recent national events have made us all aware of the need for increased security and the E TIP Slide Lock provides that security and increased efficiency as well.

Read more about how the Slide Lock can save money and improve efficiency.


Johnson Radio Slide Mount


icom ET 800


Sliding Mount for Radios


icom Radio Slide Lock


Radio Locking Slide Mount


icom Locking Radio Slide Mount



  • Length: 9-1/4"
  • Width: 5-3/8"
  • Height: 3-9/16"
  • Maximum Radio Width: 7-3/8"



Helps control theft, tampering and unauthorized transfers. Protecting assets is a concern and has even greater importance today. Maximum security is achieved by simply and quickly removing the slide tray with the radio to a secure location.


Fits Harris Corp. (M/A Com, Ericsson), ICOM, Johnson, Kenwood, Motorola (Vertex), Uniden, Yaesu among others. By design the ET-850 Locking Slide Mount accepts many different makes and models of mobile radios. A standard base and slide tray uses adapters to fit different radios to the slide tray. A variety of equipment can be installed and easily interchanged throughout a fleet while controlling unauthorized removal and transfers.


The most common use is in vehicles. Other uses include watercraft, command centers, construction office trailers, off road equipment, farm equipment, police and fire equipment, etc. Call for pricing.


For high-security mobile radio security, ask about the Radio Cage, also available from E TIP, Inc.

Supported Radio Makes and Models
F2821 F5011 F5021 F5061
F6011 F6061 IC7100 ID880H
725 E500M Jaguar KMC
M7100 M7200 M7300 M803
MV5 Monogram ORION Panther 300
PCX TMX8825 Unity Mobile
705D 760 762 782
790 805D 860 880
NX700HK TM271A TK7180 TK730
TK7360 TK930 TK940
5300 7610 8600
CMD1250 CM200 CM300 CM400
GM300 M1225 MaxTrac MCS2000
Mototrbo XTR XPR4350 XTL1500
TAD of Canada
1011H FTL FTL7011 VX2000
VX3000 VX6000
FT2900R FT857D FT8800

Model ET-850 Slide Lock

$65.00 USD

Quantity discounts available when 10 or more Slide Locks are purchased. Call us for more details.

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