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Strobe Beacons

1500 Series

strobe light - 1500 series
  • Available in 10 watt single flash model 1510
  • Compact, durable and dependable for light and medium duty applications.
  • Ideal when used as a flashing beacon for basic protection, position identification and presence warning on non-construction utility vehicles and in-plant material handling equipment.
  • Modular design with three interchangeable parts: lens, power supply and base (Model 1510 also has a relampable strobe tube).
  • Easy to service.
  • 1500 Series strobes feature a non-corroding polycarbonate base and new Twist Lock dome.

2000 Series

amber strobe light - 2000 series

  • Fully enclosed base: Sturdy polycarbonate base or cast aluminum base, all strobe power supplies are encased within the base itself for added protection against moisture and vibration.
  • Silicone coated power supplies: For added protection against the elements, all strobe power supplies are double dipped in a uniquely formulated silicone mixture before being secured into the base enclosure.
  • External flange mount, internal secure mount, or pipe mount all in one: All 2000 Series strobe beacons come standard with a base that allows you to either:
    1. 3 knock out holes for permanent 'secure mount'
    2. a sturdy built-in flange to externally mount beacon (except on cast base model)
    3. a built-in 1 inch pre-threaded pipe mount
  • Older style strobe beacons have been rendered obsolete as there is no longer a need for external hooks, base plates or inconvenient and expensive pipe adapter kits.
  • New optic, interchangeable domes: All 2000 series strobe beacons are now equipped with the newest state-of-the-art single lens optics to optimize their light output.
  • All beacons utilize the same low and high domes for ease of interchangeability.
  • All six safety colors are available: amber, clear, blue, red, green and purple.
  • Easy access for modular parts replacement: After removing two screws from the outer dome, you are able to easily access either the flashtube or the strobe power supply without removing the beacon from your roof.
  • Warranty: All Whelen Value 2000 Series strobe products offer a 3 year (from date of manufacture) or 2 year (from date of purchase) warranty on all strobe power supplies, and a 6 month warranty on all flashtubes.
  • All models 12/24 VDC operation.
  • Multiple flash patterns and high/low intensity control available with Models 2015 and 2022.
  • Low current consumption, reverse polarity protection.

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