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Cold weather operations for wheel chair lift equipped buses and hydraulic tail gate lifts

The lifts slow down considerably in temperatures below 50 degrees F. This imposes a hardship on equipment and clients. In addition, it slows operations and causes delays in bus and truck routings. Increased maintenance costs result too, because of the extra load that cold oil imposes on all components such as the pump, valve and cylinders.

We developed a new Universal Direct Current Preheater that is thermostatically controlled and operates from the 12 volt bus or truck electrical system. We have found that the automatic heating action of the flexible silicone/fiberglass pad allows closer to normal summer operation of the wheel chair lift or rear tail gate lift during cold weather. Clients and passengers are not exposed to the cold during lifting and lowering operations as long as they would be without the Preheater. Chair lift buses and trucks can operate closer to schedule without the operational delays common in such operations. The pad mounts permanently to the outside of the hydraulic reservoir and is maintenance free once installed, as the thermostat shuts off the heater when it is not needed. The draw on the electrical system is low for the results obtained. The Preheater is also available without a thermostat.

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