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What is a Universal Preheater?

The Universal Preheater is a new kind of pre heater.  It is a thin, flexible heating pad that provides even, gentle heating to engine oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, water, etc.

Which Universal Preheater should I use?

Just use the convenient chart below to find the Universal heater specified for your application.   Be sure to check that there is enough open space on your fluid vessel for the heater to fit easily. Learn about high-watt density (HWD) and low-watt density (LWD) heaters.

Can more than one Universal be used on a vessel?

Yes.  If only one Universal does not provide enough heat, and as long as there is enough open area on the vessels surface.  Also keep in mind that the Universal operates best on the bottom of a vessel.

What do I get when I order a Universal Preheater?

Universal LWD & HWD Preheater kits include a 7 foot, three conductor electrical cord with grounded plug, flexible ceramic insulation pad and RTV Adhesive. The 100LWD & LWD 12vdc Preheaters come with pigtail electrical leads, only. Ceramic Insulation Pads and RTV Adhesive are available as options for the 100LWD & LWD 12vdc models.

Universal Fuel Filter Preheater

The Universal Fuel Filter Pre heater is a thin, flexible, silicone/fiberglass heating pad, that easily wraps around the filter housing to maintain full contact and to evenly transmit heat to the filter housing helping to avoid the risk of diesel fuel gelling.

Why choose Universal Preheaters?

The Universal is the preheater of choice.


Bulk Diesel Tank Fuel Preheater

Universal Diesel Fuel Filter Preheater

Hydraulic Heating solution

Universal Preheater sizes

Electric Car Battery Heater

Custom Preheater Engineering

Universal Preheater Application Chart

Bus Chair Lift and Hydraulic Tail Gate Lift Application

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